I figure there’s no reason not to share these.

Smiles Zen‘s “FREE ZEN WEEKEND” download statistics:

1022 – Thursday October 29th (started at noon)

3544 – Friday October 30th

1826 – Saturday October 31st

1361 – Sunday November 1st

144 – Monday November 2nd (ended at 1 AM)

The 29th was a fraction of a day. I flipped the switch roughly around noon, which kicked in about 4 hours later. The 30th is the actual 1 year anniversary.

So far that puts the total at 7900 free downloads of Smiles Zen. I turned the sale off at 1 AM on the 1st (making it the 2nd technically), so it’s possible several more freebies snuck in (EDIT: updated figures).

So did sales improve? Um, a little, but nothing worth bragging about. The hope now is that I can turn the 1.3 update in to a cross promotion for Smiles Drop. That’s nearly 8000 people I didn’t have access to before, which is always nice to have.