Yes, it\'s all doneHmm, it seems I misplaced this blog post.

With less than 5 hours to spare, it’s in. Excellent. It wasn’t without it’s drama though. Once confirmed by myself, my brother, and a few friends that everything was good, I began to upload. *OH GOOD*, the upload server was acting up! Ack!

Within 20 minutes things cleared up. I snuck my game into it’s folder, hit the switch, and waited as it’s bytes were sucked out of Canada into some server likely in the California area. Fun.

So there it is. I’ll be sitting on this revamped version of the game for a few weeks, as I get some promotional material together (i.e. screen shots) of the new game. Then, when I can clearly distinguish that it’s a different product we’re pushing (not the old PB), it’ll go out as a freebie. And hey, the Mac guys will finally be able to play. A shame though, that they can’t use the old map editor.

Time to celebrate with,… Sleep! Something I’m far to familiar with as of late. Ahh, time off is great. :D