Clock is ticking.

Yep. In one sense, I’m ready to go. I filled out the submission for yesterday, and paid my entry fee. Apparently however, you need an installer. *Oh*. So today, after finishing the missing graphics, I got to do that. Huge thanks to Seth for sharing with me his NSIS script, which saved me hours of digging for little things like uninstaller cleanlyness, icon changing, and so many silly little things.

So, I have the game all ready and packaged up. Now, I’m seeing if I can cram in a map browser (something that should have been in years ago), so she’s all done and ready for the mass port freebie I’ll be doing soon. Yes, I’ll be releasing this update as freeware, with ports for MacOS X and an Allegro 4.2 Linux one. Maybe BeOS too just to get some use out of the copy I bought way back when.

Then, after some promo material and another round up, back to the new game.

1 day left. Oh boy.