Here’s something I hope to start doing more often. Technically, I’ve been hoping to actually start all year. Short development video logs.

Today’s video is a demonstration of the cross promotion features in Smiles Zen and Smiles Drop. Inspiration hit last night, and I added something amusing to it I’d thought I’d share.

Both builds should go out tonight. I’ll be adding a pair of arrows beside the icon, just so it’s even clearer that you can click on it right here.

– – – –

In other news, Smiles 1.3 (the full bundle) was approved yesterday. That includes the graphics performance fixes for the iPhone 3GS and iPod touch 3rd gen, in addition to a few other little bugs.

After Free Smiles 1.3 is finished, the plan is to get back to the ports… and hopefully actually talking about them and some of the technical details that have gone in their development.