Makes you think... or not.And here we are. Hopefully, it’s the start of a more regular practice. You’ve probably read the brief Manifesto to the right. This was written some 9 months ago. And now, since things are a tad more orderly, it’s time to expand on that.

Sykhronics, pronounced “psi-cron-icks”. A branding of Mike Kasprzak’s independent game works. Established in 1998, replacing my older branding Gamma Flare Games. After bouncing around the gracious hosting of a few friends, I acquired the “dot com” in 2000. Sykhronics served my purposes as a portfolio site to nab me a job in the game industry, and did so in late 1999.

After some time at Sandbox Studios, who was later bought by Digital Illusions, then leaving to help a friend establish Big Blue Bubble in 2004, mid 2005 seemed like the right time to get started on my own thang. I used to joke about “retiring” at 25. In a way, I did.

Sykhronics Entertainment. Still a branding, but now also a legal Canadian company. A sole proprietorship owned and operated by Mike Kasprzak, registered in late 2005. Fancy biz license and everything.

Wow, all professional like.

Check out that slick $4 Walmart frame. Now that’s professionalism at it’s finest.

The big plan behind Sykhronics Entertainment is different than what I’ve done in the past. Rather than the big studio atmosphere, with dozens of team members and projects, it’s more simple. An independent game developer, small and collaborative, in many ways similar to the crew behind a collaborative music project, or an indie comic. So while the team may dramatically change from project to project, when I’m in a significant role, you’ll see Sykhronics brandings.

What started as a remake of PuffBOMB, a small team is currently working on the untitled debut game for Sykhronics Entertainment. The current collaborators are:

Mike Kasprzak of course, being the founder with significant programming roles on 8 published titles for Gameboy Color, Gameboy Advance and Playstation out there. And also, a hit freeware game PuffBOMB, that may have encouraged this whole prospect of actually pulling something like this off. Currently doing code and art, and other tasks to be determined.

Richard Kasprzak, yes, Mike’s younger brother. He’s previously worked on a few mobile phone games, and worked with Mike way back when on several released and unreleased Gamma Flare Games projects. Currently doing code and tools, and other tasks to be determined.

Currently, we’re operating as indie as you can get, from my parents basement. I did a fine job building and furnishing my studio here during my time working for others, so it’d be a shame not to use it. ;)

And that’s Sykhronics today. Next up, the project.