Smiles has wrapped, so yes sir, I am working on my new game. Let the AWESOME begin!

Today I plowed through the massive task of finishing the redesign of my new build system, and moved the WIP game code over to it’s lovely new home. Lots of work, not much to show (at least, not in the mood to show yet).

But hey, I have this other thing.

Yesterday I received a Hydra motion controller from Razer in the mail. It’s a fantastic dual Wii-nunchuck-like motion controller… actually, far better than that.

It uses a magnetic field in addition to the usual sensors to detect position and orientation relative to the base station. What does that mean? Think Wiimote without the need for line of sight. Not to mention, the precision is fantastic.

So here’s me goofing around with the SDK:

The SDK comes as a set of Visual Studio compiled libraries, and fortunately, the important one is a C library/DLL. I got it working with MinGW easily (pass the .lib file directly to the GCC). Fun stuff.

I’ll have more to say soon. I just wanted to post something quickly resembling progress before the month ended. 🙂