And it’s that time again too. Ludum Dare #17 is coming up next weekend. If the idea of crunching together a game from scratch in 48 hours interests you, check us out.

Now, this compo has been a little different. We announced our date nice and early, so the people at GDC would know about it, and to save us from silly “when will the compo be?” questions. So really, it was probably our best pre-announcement for a compo date to date.

I even made labels!

Then something happened.

Watching Twitter as I often do, I catch an offhand remark from Nelson, a friend and former coworker of mine.

TOJam #5 ( happening April 23 to 25th at George Brown College – not officially, but I have an inside source.

Now that’s a familiar date.

At GDC 2009 I had the chance to hang out and get to know some of the ToJam guys. Jim, Mike, etc. So GDC 2010 was rather funny to meet up with these guys again, like “Hey, I like 2 hours away, but I only ever see you in San Fransisco”. Jim and I regular some of the same forums and sites, so we do hear from each-other in passing throughout the year.

And then, there was the date conflict.

When I first learned about, I was totally thinking to myself “Dude! We totally have to play this up!”. Fortunately, Jim did not disappoint, and began this e-mail exchange.

On Fri, Apr 9, 2010 at 12:32 PM, Jim McGinley wrote: Subject: TOJam #5 – April 23 to April 25

Registrations >just< went live. Makes Ludum feel like Dulum.


You can read the rest here.

One of the many silly things we do on the Ludum Dare site prior to the compo is motivational posters. So I’ve kicked off our motivational poster game with some ToJam bashing.

Also we had a brief back-and-forth on TIGForums.

So yes, we are being quite childish, but it’s all in good fun. Two notable game making events running on the same weekend, it’d be a waste NOT to do something silly with that. 🙂