Yes, you read that right. It is ending. For real.

June 23rd is the 3 year anniversary of Smiles (as in, starting the game). I have finished every single port of the game that I had planned on doing (except console ports, both I decided to abort); Some are still in submission or need of final packaging. Days away now.

Today is June 15th, a whole week away from the anniversary. I have one key version of the game left, MeeGo, which is done but I’ve been running in to issues automating Linux packaging (stupid permissions). I have a short list of other things I’m going to try and quickly do, with Thursday June 23rd as the “real work” cutoff. Then “Smiles Time” should finally be reduced to only a day every few weeks… maybe months. Sounds too good to be true. 😀

I’m not ready to do a proper postmortem or retrospective. I’ll do one of those when I’m slacking new-project work, specifically, in the mood to write instead of do. 🙂

I-MA go get some lunch now.