Since the summer I’ve been chatting with Microsoft about bringing Smiles to Windows Phone 7.

In early September, I was invited to an event “Windows Phone 7 Blogger Night” in Toronto.

Typical me, blurry and in motion. Here I am demoing Smiles on the TV (all of the touch-screen PC's were taken). Also, note to self: don't wear shorts to press events... you stand out too much in the after event photography.

More photos can be found here:…/toronto.aspx

* * *

In addition, I make a brief appearance in this video.…/canadian-windows-phone-developers.aspx

Heh, this might be one of my worst appearances on video (Mr. Shiny forehead), but fortunately it’s very quick. 😉

* * *

A couple weeks ago I sent a playable to my Microsoft rep, and it was to make an appearance at Ottawa Coffee and Code event.…/coffee_and_code.aspx

And from today, here’s that gameplay video.…/smiles-for-windows-phone-7.aspx

* * *

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