Heh, I certainly wasn’t expecting this.

Pay no attention to the grammar tense of the first sentence

RealVNC has a rotating twitter quotes on their front page, and it seems I’m now part of the rotation.

And yes, that is a real quote; I do think VNC is awesome. Admittedly, I’ve been using UltraVNC on my PC’s recently, though I do run their iPhone client. 😉

Thanks for the tip Adam.

– – –

Moblin 2.1 running on the USB key

I _FINALLY_ submitted my Moblin (Linux) AppUp port of Smiles late last night. I planned on having this done a week or two ago, but between other things and some hardware I had to pick up (more USB keys), I still had a bunch to learn about Linux itself. I’ve had my game code running on Linux since the beginning (I needed it, since my laptop was a Acer Aspire One Netbook running Linpus), but creating a proper RPM and DEB bundle for distribution was something I never tackled. Heck, I didn’t even know where to put my files. 😉

So with the installer hurdle out of the way, all that’s left in the land of Linux is to tackle 64bit binaries. What Moblin provides is a pretty good baseline GCC+Libraries collection, that should be compatible with any notable 32bit distros out there today. I ran in to issues running the Ubuntu 10 compiled binary on Moblin, but the GCC version and libraries included in the Moblin SDK worked well across both. For the future, I need to find a good baseline 64bit Linux for creating my 64bit binaries. It’s not something I can do right now (not comfortably), since my test machines (older Atom Netbooks) don’t support 64bit instructions. I think the newer Atom chips might, so I’ll have to grab one of those some day.

Next on the agenda is my update for Windows AppUp. With 1.0 I neglected to add my game to the Vista/7 game launcher. I figured out how to do it last time, but the game had a startup bug from the launcher I was trying to avoid, so I pulled it. Also there was a metadata XML file that Microsoft suggests you create, and I really wasn’t in the mood to write it. I’m not vying for a Microsoft “Games For Windows” certification right now, so I’ll probably ignore that metadata file again, but this time I’ll at least add myself to the game launcher (now that my bug is fixed).

That’ll do for now. Really, I just wanted to post the weird discovery of me on the RealVNC website. 🙂