Just a quick note.

Ludum Dare 14 is this Friday. It’s usually Phil and I that run the compo (with Mike and Seth, and our awesome community of regulars), but IGF Champion and Goat Owner Extreme Phil Hassey is off on his North American Tour next week, leaving me to see if I can remember how to use all his compo scripts. 😉

If you’re not familiar with Ludum Dare, we’re probably the oldest make a game in 48 hours competitions on the internet. Started in 2002, as the number suggests, it’s our 14th full-on 48 hour competition. We’ve actually far run more than that (unofficial compos as they were called), even a 24 hour compo originally (AKA. Ludum Dare Zero).

Since this time last year, as a community we’ve been providing a new theme every off month. We bumped our schedule up to 3 compos a year (every April, August and December). We also have an extremely active community, that tends to either spontaneously make things, or run mini-compos and drawing competitions on occasion. You can catch all the action in #ludumdare on irc.afternet.org.

All this week is Theme voting. We’ve been collecting themes since last month, and now is the chance for the community to sort through them.


There’s a new poll each day, and on Friday I assemble a list of the highest voted themes throughout the week for the final vote. Then Friday night, we begin.

Tune in to the website Friday night to catch April’s theme.