So I’m still working diligently to assemble my complete press package. Putting the final touches on that video, writing the press release, e-mails, all that fun stuff.

But as part of my procrastination routine, I’m hitting my usual list of sites. IndieGames, “The Sauce”, etc. And as I get to the iPhone gaming sites, I’m hit with this euphoric stupor.

“Dude! That’s me!”

“Duuuude! All them stars be yellow!”

Quite simply, Smiles is filled to the brim with gameplay, with lots of replay value. The variety of difficulty levels, gameplay modes, and strategy will keep Smiles fresh for hours on end. The game can be enjoyed by both casual and hardcore gamers, both young and old alike. Add to it that the game looks great, plays smoothly, and has a cutesy vibe to it easily makes Smiles one of the most well-rounded and lovingly developed puzzle game available in the App Store.

Because of Smiles’ blatant Match 3 origins, I’m at a big disadvantage when it comes to getting people to take the game seriously. Not only did he give it a fair chance, I’m thrilled to see that he gets it too. Clearly, Matt at Finger Gaming is a man woven from the purest threads of awesome.

So, here’s hoping the campaign of 5’s continues. I just need to hurry up and let everybody else know about it.