Yup, I’m a few days behind mentioning this, but this month’s round up is up. A personal favorite of mine, Titan Attacks reigned supreme, followed by the slick steam powered airship game, Steam Brigade, and the un-noted but equally as surprisingly quality Inlay clone, Mosaic: Tomb of Mystery. Fun stuff.

As expected, I’m going to say things are going well with the game, despite the updates. Actually, better than well. Much Biz oriented stuff, which I’m going to have to sit on for a while. Very exciting.

Happy, Orange, Singing, Hooray!And something that made my day today, the Loco Roco demo. Playing it is certainly a treat. The controls are a little tricky, since these things have a mind of their own. Some high speed glitches I’ve been fighting with physics wise, I’m surprised to see, actually show up in this game. I’m starting to suspect I’m just too anal for my own good. I think the art style is awesome, but I’m weird like that. Oh, and did I mention, they sing?