Whatcha lookin\' at?Well, well. The IGF 2006 Entries are now online, and we have a PuffBOMB clone to duel with. Impulse. It appers to be, according to the description, pretty much the same idea. Lets quote.

Impulse: The player must place bombs and adjust their timers to make a ball hit the goal field. Obstacles, special elements and force fields provide varied levels. An interactive timeline helps controlling the game by jumping to specific times and guarantees a flexible and unique gameplay.

Yup. At least it’s variation, using sport ideas (ball and goal) instead of characters.

Hehe… Really, I should be proud that people are doing stuff based on my old game. Alas, I’m still required to be dissapointed that I hadn’t done more sooner. Ahh well. Two and a half years and counting since it was released. So far, two games.

Anyways, time to get off my arse. The people will be finding the site soon. Maybe I should really get that revised prototype out ASAP.