A bit of a last minute scramble to get something together for the IGF. My original idea of getting the new game up and running, hahahaha… erm, sadly no. Progress is good, but not that good. However, I still am sending something. What I’m sending is the old PuffBOMB, from over 2 years ago, with a fresh paint job. The new look finally brings together my style ideas for the game from the past couple years It’s a chance to finally see it in action, and to know, does it suck or not.

This game isn’t finalist material. If I show up in California next year, I don’t deserve to be there. If that happens, I have too many friends. This, it’s only a message. Will we be heard?

Cryptic’s aside, after several years, I decided to dabble in some voice acting. I auditioned and landed a role in a Halo 2 based Machinima series. No, it’s not Red vs. Blue. I beat out 2, maybe 3 other kids and got the part I auditioned for. Not bad for a first try. In a mere hour, I recorded my 14 lines, which is actually all my dialog for the first 3 episodes. Heck, in the first episode I have 3 lines in total, the first 2 being a salute and a confirmation. What can I say, it’s practise. It was fun too.

An old kid like me get’s to learn how to act, and a young one gets to write and be a director. That’s pretty neat.

3 days left. A background and some touchups to go.