This past weekend I began a process of rebranding my company. Shortly after leaving my AAA job in 2005, I created this logo.

Thing is, that’s not even one of the better logos I used, it’s just the most business’y one.

More here.

As you can see, I used to be really in to playing with typography. Sykhronics is a name I’ve been using for the past 15 years. In the early days, it was my portfolio website. When I decided to go “Fulltime Indie”, it became my business. It’s always been the hub of “me”; Whatever “me” is doing.

I’ve tried on several ocassions to come up with something better, but it just hadn’t worked out.

Until now.

Yay! There we go! Lots of things going on here, but most importantly I was able to creatively satisfy my type design itch.

The process involved me going to twitter and asking a simple question: Read this, and what does it say?

Some of the results were extremely amusing (SykBronies!? Ha!). So after several iterations, we ended up with the orange logo above.

Notably absent is the H from Sykhronics. If you’ve never heard of Sykhronics, you’re probably asking “why was there an H there anyway?”. Well after some thought, lots of head tilting back and forth, I decided to try it without. I think “H less” SYKRONICS makes a lot of sense. The only downside is my own natural instinct typing it and reading it. My muscle memory for typing Sykhronics is so well developed, that I know when I’ve typed it wrong without even looking. Hey, that’s what happens after 15 years. 😉

Now the logo isn’t perfect. I’ve had several folks call out the K and the C for looking like “WTF” and E. I’m okay with that, because overall the design is consistent and interesting. 9 characters, all with hints of a circle in them, with sharp cuts.

Something I’ve wanted in the logo forever is a character. So part of the design is the O creature. It’s very much Pata Pon’esc, which I’m always a iffy about (looking too much like an existing franchise), but it’s fine. I like it. It’s interesting. Like a little floating eyeball with fangs. Gives me *SOMETHING* to use as a mascot, which I’ve always wanted.

Anyways, I’ve gone ahead and printed some biz cards. They look like this.

I’ve always been of the opinion that as a game developer, our business is fun, so we should be having fun everywhere. Hence why I went with such a bizarre job title (Formerly just “Game Developer, Owner”).

And that’s that. So far I’ve just started with the biz cards. After GDC I’ll make it the website too. Ta!