Uh… I am concerned about what that potion would do to me if I drank it. (a typo/bug from today, hehe)

Hello! This is quite possibly the last post I’ll do in 2011, so lets make with the goods!

This past week I’ve continued working on the demake of my primary project. If you checked out the Ludum Dare prototype, the core mechanics have dramatically improved since then (about 4 days ago).

I actually keep a relatively detailed development Journal while working, but a lot of stuff is either very minor, subtle, contains spoilers, or is simply just too long to post. So what I’m hoping to do regularly is to comb my Journal, and pick some some interesting highlights to show off.

Lets get started!

On December 24th, Xmas eve, I finally switched fonts over from Ariel to the traditional Commodore 64 font. Even though I’m breaking the rules of the Commodore (font is not monospaced, artwork is not pixel double wide, I use varying levels of alpha transparency, audio is not SID), but I still think it captures the vibe. I’m all about vibe. 😉

Text Features! Info bar at the bottom, Commodore 64 font, large numbers on criticals, object names

Later that day, I added proper color scheme support. I have 2 schemes. Commodore 64 Colors:

For the Commodore Junkies

And Vivid Colors:

For everyone else

Finally, since yesterday (AKA. Christmas to some people), I’ve started roughing out items and inventory.

Okay, I thought it was pretty funny, so I left a ‘feature’ in that let me pick up the bodies of killed enemies

At the moment, the potion can be used, and that’s all the inventory is good for. I just today finished up a bunch of ground work needed, so I should be able to get equipping of items working today.

That’s all for now.

Again, I’m hoping to do these reports regularly. Monday sounds like a good day. No promises on when Mondays, but the goal is certainly sometime Monday. Ta!